Posted by: shetravelsblog | February 14, 2010

Fabulous foldable shoes – perfect for travelling!

SHE was flicking through the travel section of the Weekend Australian and spotted ‘Accessory of the Week’. Love My Sole has come up with the idea of fold up shoes – brilliant! Perfect for stuffing in the carry-on bag for a long haul flight, or for some relief at the end of a long day in those too high stilettos. And they come in silver – SHE can’t ever have enough silver shoes!
SHE’s off to order a pair right now – you can buy online or if you’re in Sydney you can visit local shops to check them out.



  1. I just received my new “love my sole” fold up shoes in the mail – gotta love express post!
    they are great, fit like a glove, and the cute little handy carry bag is a treat… i guess i’ll have to go somewhere and wear heels! just so i can try them out for real. Thank you SHE for bringing these great product to my attention. They’ll be coming to Bali with me.

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