Posted by: shetravelsblog | February 27, 2010

What to pack…what not to pack…

SHE gets around – in the nicest possible way!  And packing a bag still rates most highly on the list of things SHE finds just a little tedious.  SHE would like to be like George Clooney’s character in ‘Up and Away’ – men really do get it easy when they travel…folded shirts, white tshirts, 2 pairs of trousers, a jacket, a carry on bag.  What’s the drama?

SHE loves you George but really… back to us…what am I going to pack?  I haven’t got time to think about this!  I’ll make a list, maybe not, maybe I’ll buy new outfits, maybe I’ll just throw a whole lot of clothes into the suitcase and take my chances.  What if I don’t want to wear any of those outfits – tonight or tomorrow night?  What if I’m under dressed?  What if I’m over dressed?  What if everyone else is wearing 3/4 pants and I’m wearing a cute little frock?  Damn it…dilemma!!

The best tip SHE’s come across is to pack your favourite items – the ones you love to throw on when you’re at home, the ones that you feel most comfortable in.   Now doesn’t that make perfect sense?   Think about getting home at the end of a long day…how great is it to change into the ‘lounge pants’  and a nice loose top that doesn’t cling in any of the wrong places?   Maybe you throw on the little frock that screams ‘summer’ and feels all flirty, or the oversized washed out tshirt that you stole from an exboyfriend (or husband!)  Aahh – now we’re starting to relax!  Maybe it’s a forgiving flowing frock with a pair of leggings.  How good does that make you feel?  Some silver jewelry – those great ear-rings you bought last time you were on holiday, the fabulous necklace that you thought might be a bit ‘over the top’, and the wardrobe / holiday staple…the silver sandals!  Perfect!  Now SHE’s packing!

And here’s something for you…maybe you shop here, maybe you don’t, but SHE says ‘this goes with that at Sussans‘!   The SHE girls found themselves with a spare hour during a recent event in Tasmania and decided to drop in to Sussans.  What a wonderful shopping experience this turned out to be!  The staff really knew their stuff – the girls made really informed suggestions for both of us – clearly demonstrating their product knowledge and love of the clothes in store.

SHE found perfect ‘travelling’ pants – the pull on kind that aren’t skin tight and will survive a long haul flight anywhere without a crease in sight; a lovely drape dress that with a layer or two will take you from a balmy summer’s cocktail party to a dinner in a slightly cooler climate – and is guaranteed to look slinky and stylish.  There’s lovely soft fabrics that fit any shape and size and are  made just for us – in all shapes and sizes – thank god!  Who ever is responsible for buying for Sussans is doing a great job of understanding the Australian woman.  Hooray!

Best of all – the price tags didn’t break the bank!  Wow!  SHE tried on so many great pieces and walked out with some excellent new basics for the travel wardrobe in 2010.  How cool is that?

Next time you’re wandering aimlessly through your local mall or shopping centre – take a moment to drop in, have a chat, try some stuff on.  You may well be surprised by what you find – SHE was!


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