Posted by: shetravelsblog | April 7, 2010

Sarong puts it beautifully!

SHE is off to Bali on our inaugural trip in just a few weeks – we’re all so excited!  One of the important inclusions in any of our trips is a dinner each night – this is the meal SHE always struggles with when SHE’s travelling alone – and one of the many reasons why SHE decided to start our small group travel for women.

And it’s all about finding ‘the right’ restaurant for our group. Sometimes it will be a casual local restaurant on the beach with our feet in the sand; another night may find us slipping on our little black dresses and silver sandals and behaving like princesses for the evening!  In keeping with the latter, SHE’s found one of the funkiest restaurants in Bali for a special dinner for the ladies to celebrate our final night in Seminyak. It’s called Sarong and according to local magazine Hello Bali it’s ‘Bali’s newest uubergroovy restaurant’.

Sarong Restaurant Bali

Private Dining Room at Sarong

Chef Will Meyrick was the leading light at Jimmy Liks and Long Grain, two of Australia’s hottest bar/restaurants, and in Asia created Husk in Sofitel Bali, LOTUS in Hong Kong and sharpened his knives and his Thai skills in the five star boutique resort Karma Samui in Thailand. Recently he set the benchmark for modern Thai food at Blossom in Sentosa, Bali.  Wow are we in for a treat!

And SHE knew we had it right when we received the email response to our reservation request.  In the words of Wira at Sarong…

“Sarong offers cuisines from around Southeast Asia which is generally hot & spicy in nature. The cuisine may not suitable for the young and those sensitive to extreme spiciness.

Sarong strongly advise that we do not cater to children under the age of twelve (12).  In the event the diners need to bring along young children, the management expects that parents ensure the children are seated at the table at all times during dinner and act in the manner where they shall not disturb other diners in the restaurant.”

Nicely put Sarong! Might this be a standard inclusion in replies from other wonderful restaurants regarding their expectations of their diners? Although we love kids, we don’t want them running around disrupting us when we’re enjoying a beautiful dinner. SHE thinks this is a polite yet firm way of making sure our restaurant experience will be everything we hope for. SHE’s really looking forward to this!


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