Posted by: shetravelsblog | May 26, 2010

The Crown Metropol is very Melbourne!

Stylish, hip, very cool – okay there’s every chance SHE’s biased given that Melbourne is home. SHE is, however, very impressed with the fabulous new Crown Metropol – opened for only a month and really looking good!

SHE was fortunate to be invited to stay last Friday night as part of a wonderful evening hosted by Crown – a group of us attended a charity event and were treated to an overnight stay at Metropol. SHE jumped at the opportunity – we’ve had the chance to look around the hotel and the rooms, but staying is really the only way to experience the true heart and soul of a hotel. Metropol did not disappoint.

SHE loves exploring a hotel room, opening and closing everything, bouncing up and down on the bed… and here’s what SHE found:

  • Minibar: a mini bottle of French champagne (sigh!), some very swish water (didn’t get to that unfortunately…hmmm, trend here…)
  • A mug (oh thank you) to drink the wonderful tea and coffee (beautifully packaged teas from Madame Flavour – really neat, AND born and bred in Victoria! And Robert Timms coffee bags – yep – they make a very decent cup of coffee compared to that standard old sachet, or an overpriced packet of espresso coffee.)
  • Ipod dock: yay! What self respecting hotel opening or refurbing in 2010 wouldn’t include this as their number one radio / music / clock option? And of course, SHE forgot the phone charger so no problems here!  Still able to send inappropriate text messages late at night…
  • Nice little branded amenities – in nice little bottles with tops that unscrew easily. And nice soap too!
  • A big snuggly robe in a most flattering colour – soft charcoal grey to match all that understated branding. And so much do the guests love those robes that SHE passed at least 4 of them in various random lifts during the stay, clearly on their way to the Isika Spa (well, actually, we questioned the poor guy who stepped into the lift with 8 people dressed in black tie! He was a little uncomfortable but promised to enjoy whatever treatment he had planned!). And the cool in-room thongs – loved them! So much more practical for padding around the hotel, between floors, to breakfast when your feet hurt from dancing the night before…

    A nice alternative to the white slippers

And of course there’s a beautiful big bed to be bounced on – very comfy, good pillows, lots of room if you do need to be starfish after a big night!

A really great night's sleep

Let’s not forget the dining options that mean you really don’t need to leave the hotel – Maze is Gordon Ramsay’s new venture. SHE tried our luck on a whim one Sunday night – not a chance unfortunately! Restaurant fully booked! It pays to plan ahead and make the booking – especially for Friday and Saturday nights. SHE will get right on to that…

If you’re looking at indulging in a city escape, head straight for Metropol and take the option to include the access to Level 28. Wow. SHE expects to be back here as often as possible! Maybe SHE’ll bump into that good looking guy from the ad?!



  1. And how cool are the fat pencils in the room? A bit old school, but very funky!

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