Posted by: shetravelsblog | June 30, 2010

This is what SHE calls Premium Economy!

SHE travelled to Meetings 2010 held in Auckland last week – it’s one of our favourite trade shows in the Meeting and Events industry – extremely well run and managed, and what’s not to love about being in the land of the long white cloud with all those wonderful Kiwis? SHE, along with other hosted buyers, was flown to and from Auckland courtesy of Air New Zealand. Those flights were uneventful – and SHE thinks that’s a priority…on time departure, smooth flying, tuning in to personal on demand inflight entertainment before we’ve taken off (okay…why can’t all airlines do that?). SHE really appreciated being seated toward the front in the ‘Space +’ seats – a little more leg room, a little more recline – nice! We were fed, we landed on time. Kiwi customs were a breeze. Fantastic.

At the trade show it was time to get a sneak peek at some of the new seating options on the about-to-be-launched 777-300 planes. The Premium Economy seats really made an impression! According to Air NZ, they’ve been developing these seats for some time – they’re patented and the only airline that can boast this design. SHE senses a business opportunity for the airline here – a bit of onselling maybe? Everyone’s going to want some of these!

Getting comfortable in Premium Economy

SHE loved the fact that the seats are angled every so slightly away from each other. No sharing / fighting over an arm rest here! The nifty tray table either turns into a neat table for two, or your own generous space. Be friends or don’t – now we have a choice! Seats recline beautifully and due to the fantastic design, there’ll be none of that pulling on the back of the seat that happens when the person behind you wants to get out of their row (oh SHE hates that!!).

Having travelled recently on a Qantas flight to Singapore on both a 747 and the new A380 in Premium Economy, SHE is convinced Air NZ’s on to something here! Wow…

Dear Air New Zealand, will you PLEASE fly to Singapore? Please?!


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